TimKnightUs: A Space Odyssey
StarChild - 3:47

On Saturday July 26th 2008, Cameo Cinema Presents a Special Screening of 2001: A Space Oddyssey Featuring a Live Experimental Score by TimKnightUs! 8:30, Modern Fuel, its Free! (popcorn will be served)

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As part of A Little Tone Deaf, TimKnigtUs performs alongside this monumental film. During the dawn of the Apes, only acoustic and traditional instruments were used. Once in space, a steady build of electronic sounds are prominent. Audio from the movie is broadcast using a local radio transmitter set to CFRC 101.9 FM, which happened to be down for the event, leaving appropriate airspace. A Marantz Amplifier picked up this frequency band as well as other stations and static. Laptops and samples from the movie were used, however all laptop computers were closed and rendered inoperable when HAL is defeated. The final sequence is purely a live performance.

The transformation is complete. The singularity found.