Languishing Bellows
Languishing Bellows is the second installation performance by Decomposing Pianos, held on August 19th, 2010. A pump organ manufactured by the Blatchford Organ Co plays alongside several other mechanically driven instruments as pictured above.
I  Opening Hymn  (0:00 to 4:40)
a local church, an original purpose

The keys of the pump organ are worn down by repetitive playing of a forgotten hymn. A large pipe organ sampled from Sydenham United is powered up to continue this congregational task.
II  Mouse Proof Pedals  (4:40 to 6:20)
a second hymn for something new

This is the pump organ after leaving its long-standing position at a local church. 32’ pipes occupy the lower register and accompany the pump organ as it searches for a new identity.
III  Mechanical Wind   (6:20 to 11:24)
an introduction to the electromechanical organ

The Organette is a small electric organ with a loud fan powering plastic reeds. Although nearing the end of its life expectancy, this instrument can still be heard even as the air escapes through cracks in its plastic body.
IV  Aeoline Forte   (11:24 to 16:13)
a new sound, a modern purpose

The pump organ sounds much larger than before as modern processing allows it to be heard for the first time as a majestic instrument that comfortably occupies the cavernous space of a cathedral.
V  Accordion in a Tree  (16:13 to 21:25)
a handheld system of reeds

An evening breeze moves through the trees in late summer. An accordion finds the same modal melody the pump organ repeated so many times before.
VI  Air Escapes  (21:25 to 33:17)
the languishing bellows

The bellows of the pump organ rest quietly in the open air. Plastic valves are removed from the Organette allowing its fan to simultaneously power every reed. An electric organ permeates throughout the languish as air disperses into the concert hall.
Special thanks to Ashley Vanstone for allowing us to record the pipe organ at Sydenham United Church